Sunday, April 17, 2016

Legend of the Wayfarer update

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying the April A to Z. I'm making a Sunday post to talk about my little pet project, Legend of the Wayfarer which has been through about a billion iterations since I first came up with the idea back in January 2014 (It's really been over 2 years from conception to tweaking? OMG, games require a LOT of thinking through, don't they?).

So, since making 8 books for it, I have decided that the system really needs a map for you to travel across to help link the story together, and the idea of a map has lead to the idea of a country which has lead to the idea of an infrastructure and lots more. Basically, this system is going to require a lot of background and info before I can get it going again, but when it is ready, I intend to have a country split up into hexes and a set of places to visit for each hex. I have updated the rules, too.

You can pick up the updated rules from here.

Have fun!

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