Monday, August 1, 2016

Legend of the Wayfarer in its new incarnation

Hello all! I have been tinkering with Legend of the Wayfarer again (is this how games are really made?) and I ahve come up with a new version. It is now more of a solo player hexcrawl. I am also going to tone down the combat with now specific ability for combat, but I will take every combat as it comes. This version is more story based and set in an almost medieval Eurpoe analogue (I will be borrowing from other cultures when I think it will spice things up. There is also some magick, but it is very low key and monsters but they are rare. Faeries make mischeif but usually stay away from humanity and gods roam the world, but they are very low powered compared to what you would expect. In DnD terms, the people are around 0-1st level and the gods and monsters are around 5th level at most).

Since this is moving towards story and exploration, I am working on a more gamey DnD version which will involve hexs, dungeons, wizards, orcs etc.

The new version is for you to have a look at. I will be releasing more materials as I make them.


  1. I think a lot of people would want to change their character's starting vitality, will, experience, and items, to allow more roleplaying and individualization. Maybe rules for distributing points between the values, and point costs for starting items.

    It also seems strange that every character has the same odds for meeting a given challenge, with no modifiers except rerolls. I know that's by design, but it seems a little bland. I guess I'll have to play once you get an adventure up and see if it works out.

    Will you use the Wayfinder adventures you've already written, or write new, more modular encounters? If the latter, maybe this game should be renamed something different, and the original Wayfinder kept as more of a traditional gamebook.

    Either way, I'm looking forward to an actual adventure, being a fan of the *idea* of the Fabled Lands series and Barbarian Prince.

    Because of its negative connotation, I would change "henchman" to "mercenary" or "follower" or "servant."

    Graphic designer suggestion: remove the blank line between bold headers and the associated paragraph below. This will visually link them better (right now they float between two paragraphs). For high level titles, increase the font size two points and keep bold.

    1. Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. With Regard to starting characters, I could start characters off with 3 Will, 3 Vitality and no abilities. Then they could have 66xp to spend on the rest using the table given. Maybe 4 abilities max. Or just give them 1 Will, 1 Vitality, 3 abilities and 48xp to spend on increasing Will and Vitality how they like.