Sunday, May 30, 2021

May roundup and future upcoming events

Hi all! 

Apologies for the lateness of this blog post. However, anyone who followed this blog in the past knows that late May is a big time of year for me .

Here is a roundup for some gamebook events for May. Remember, to keep your finger on the pules, head over to Gamebook News!

 Gamebook Kickstarters 
There are currently 2 live gamebook Kickstarters. 

June's gamebook is The Isle of Doctor Moreau and it will also cover The Gamebook Zine issue 2 (see below).

The Gamebook zine's 2nd issue is out now! The PDF is free!

The Instadeath Survivors' Support Group has released 3 episodes this May. One is a playthrough of Psycho Killer by David Lowrie, one is an interview with Samuel Isaacson (he has a new website!) and one is an interview with Jon Lunn of Spidermind Games. That is the company that created the Legendary Kingdoms series.

You can support the group on Patreon and if you do, you will get early access to episodes. The upcoming episodes include an interview with Peter Blenkharn (who is the CEO of In The Box games, the company behind Alba) and a playthrough of INFECTED by James Schannep.

10th anniversary edition of INFECTED 

Prime Games has released a CRPG version of Fabled Lands!

Red Ruin Publishing has made a Dragon Warriors solo adventure and it's free!

Coming up...

A quickstart is in the works. You can see the progress on the Facebook page.

Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson are releasing a series of open world gamebooks set in the land of Greek Myth this year! 

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