Thursday, August 26, 2021

August round up and September news

 Hi all! I'm sorry I'm late this week, I was waiting on a few things and was also working on RL stuff. I'm doing the news today for reasons which will soon become apparent. There's a lot!

So here is some stuff:

International Gamebook Day

International Gamebook Day starts on the 27th August and carries on through the weekend. It will be broadcast on Youtube and Twitch. Below are the links and the lineup:

Gamebook Secret Santa!

The My Gamebook Adventures Facebook group is running a gamebook Secret Santa! Details are below. To join in, message My Gamebook Adventures.


The awesome open world gamebook series from Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson has its first two books available for preorder!

The Hammer of the Sun: Morris, Dave: 9781909905382: Books

The Houses of the Dead: Thomson, Jamie: 9781909905375: Books

Dragon Warriors solo adventure

Red Ruin publishing has created a Dragon Warriors solo adventure for free!

Desolation of the God-King – A Dragon Warriors Solo Adventure - Red Ruin Publishing |


Robin Johnson has developed a script for writing interactive fiction text adventures called Gruescript. This is what Robin says on Gruescript:

'It's a scripting language/online development tool for creating point-n-click text adventures. It's designed to make games that look and feel as much like classic puzzly parser games as possible while sacrificing the parser itself for the sake of mobile playability and accessibility to modern players.'

Gruescript by Robin Johnson (

The Cornucopia of Infinite Adventures

James Hutchings, who made Age of Fable has created a program that randomly generates pen and paper gamebooks! You can check it out here: The Cornucopia of Infinite Adventure- Demo by gamebookgenerator (

Gamebook Zine

Gamebook Zine 3 is out! Gamebook Zine (3 book series) Kindle Edition (

Warlock Returns 4

Warlock Returns, the Advanced Fighting Fantasy zine is out! The Warlock Returns Issue #04 - Arion Games | Advanced Fighting Fantasy |

Destiny Quest RPG

There is an RPG based on Michael J. Ward's awesome gamebooks in development!

A Branching Narrative

Simon Birks and Matt Spall are creating a gamebook a month for a subscription fee. You can get it here: A Branching Narrative (


Story spark cards

A wonderful deck of mythical creatures!

Story Spark Cards: Mythical Creatures Deck by Story Spark Cards — Kickstarter

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! This will be the third year of the Secret Santa, and has been alot of fun.