Sunday, September 25, 2022

September news and upcoming October news

Hello gamebookers! 

I hope you have had a good September. Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 is over now and there is lots to report from that and other things.

Fighting Fantasy Celebration

This is happening on the 8th and 9th October.

Fantastic Fighting Fantasy Celebration DAY ONE - YouTube

Two 12 Hour reading sessions of the Fighting Fantasy books over on You Tube.. There will be three giveaways for the new books released in September and a guest reader!

You make the decisions and the host Adam J Pestridge will be reading the books and doing the voices. Two days of Fighting Fantasy Interactivity to be had if you cant get enough after the Fight Fantasy Fest 4 this year. We will be reading the RARE books that are expensive to purchase and going through the newly released books as well. There are about 30 books we will get through in total and and two of them will have MULTIPLAY! Where many people can take the role of a single character in the story.... 

Fantastic Annual Fighting Fantasy Celebration | Facebook

Red Ruin Publishing

The company that makes Dragon Warriors solos has released a new one! For free!

Dare you enter the Catacombs of Dust? Deep dark danger surrounds you! Will you succumb to foul demonic sorcery or will right prevail?

A solo adventure for the Dragon Warriors RPG for a character of 7th Rank. 

Catacombs of Dust by Red Ruin Publishing (

Interactive You Are the Hero

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Fighting Fantasy, Jonathan Green will be releasing an updated You Are The Hero. Interactive!

You can follow the Kickstarter here:

YOU ARE THE HERO - 40th Anniversary Edition by Jonathan Green — Kickstarter

The Art of Fighting Fantasy

Is coming soon...

Dice Men compilation

Dice Men was an interactive comic that is going to be released as a book soon.

Complete Dice Man: Pat Mills, John Wagner, Bryan Talbot, Kevin O'Neill, David Lloyd: 9781786189417: Books


Martin Noutch (Steam Highwayman) has been writing a viking themed gamebook series! You can get it here:

SAGA – martin barnabus

Gamebook Elfster gift exchange - deadline 2nd November.

Do you like Secret Santas? Well there is a gamebook Secret Santa. You can sign up for it here!

Xmas My Gamebook Adventures 2022 | Elfster

Fighting Fantasy Fest videos

You can see the talks from Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 here.

Collaborative gamebook writing for NanoWrimo

Keith Phillips of Siege of Sardath fame wants to make a collaborative group to write a gamebook.

If you are interested, the post is in this group. (1) Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks | Facebook

Defenders 3

Derick William Dalton is preparing to write book 3:

Defenders 3: Heiress of the Tundra by Derick William Dalton — Kickstarter

The Ghost and the Golem

The Ghost and the Golem on Steam (

Confront mystic perils and revelations, pogroms, & your own wild heart, in this Jewish historical fantasy set in the violent spring of 1881, amid bandits, betrothals, klezmers, and kabbalists! Can you save the shtetl...or do you long to escape it?

The Ghost and the Golem is a 250,000-word interactive historical fantasy novel by Benjamin Rosenbaum, Ennie-nominated author of the Jewish tabletop roleplaying game Dream Apart. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.


A new gamebook from Adam Mitchell

Flemming is a solo real time journaling gamebook, set against the backdrop of WW2, you are Agent Flemming of 30AU. You have been sent on a deadly mission alone- a mission so delicate and dangerous only you are able to complete. Agent Flemming is the star of his own WW2 espionage thriller as told through his own personal mission dossier. 

Flemming: A WW2 Espionage Real Time Journaling Adventure: Mitchell, Adam C: 9798849295435: Books

Podcast from Firetop Mountain

Alison Cybe and I are currently on Return to Firetop Mountain.

Moonrunner is soon!

The Postcast from Firetop Mountain - YouTube

Adam J Pestridge

Adam has done a playthrough of Demons of the Deep.

Fantastic Flights

This month, the Fantastic Flights podcast has done Falcon book 1 and Phantoms of Fear.

adventure gamebooks — Fantastic Fights — Haunted Phonograph

The Lindenbaum competition

It's almost been a year since I announced the first Lindenbaum competition! I'm going to do another one and I will announce it soon, so this is an announcement about the announcement. Get your ideas ready!

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