Stuart Lloyd's bibliography

Here is my bibliography:

Rulers of the NOW

Rulers of the NOW is a near future, dystopian, black comedy, cli-fi gamebook.

You can get it for Pay What You Want in pdf form.

Exiles of Kymeria

Exiles of Kymeria is a print and play solo or 2-player co-operative hexcrawl fantasy game where you travel a land in order to gather enough treasure in time. You can get it for PWYW if pdf form.

Fighting Fantasy Fanfic

Ten Short Fighting Fantasy Books and One Long One. This book features the following gamebooks:

Bane of Silverton
Bakland Battlegrounds
Left for Dead
Forest of Chaos
Survivor's Struggle
In the Name of Love
The Presence of a Hero
Tomb of the Ancients
The Triad of Skulls
Simonius's Challenge
War of Deities part I (the long one)

Sharkbait's Revenge (rewritten as an FF book for
Ascent of Darkness (in Fighting Fantazine 11)

Advanced Fighting Fantasy stuff

AFF collection of stuff (extra items, spells, skills and talents for AFF2)
Holy Order (AFF2 adventure) Now in Fighting Fantazine issue 16!
A Shadow Over Anvil (AFF2 adventure)
Legacy of Benedos (AFF2 adventure)
Northern Invasion (AFF2 adventure)
Curse of Meraki (AFF adventure in Fighting Fantazine 7)
Caravan to Kaad (AFF2 solo)
Mystic Well (AFF2 adventure based on the Atari computer game)
Like a Rogue (AFF2 adventure based on the Moria and Angband roguelikes)
The Illuminati in Allansia (AFF2 adventure where the heroes become entangled in a plot by a shadowy organisation)

Stellar Adventures stuff 

Saucer Shennagians - a short adventure for a low technology setting.

Windhammer entries

The Triad of Skulls (2008)
City of the Dead (2009)
Sharkbait's Revenge (2010)
Rulers of the NOW (2011)
Call of Khalris (2012)
The Lindenbaum  Memory Palace (2013)
Isaac Newton: Badass Ninja Crimefighter (2015)

Tunnels and Trolls solos

Temple of the Fool God
Khazan City Chaos
Tunnels and Trolls solo rules (Ken St Andre kindly took my rules and organised art for it)
Anvil of Power (a solo where you go on a quest to create your own magic weapon)

Unbelievably simple Role Playing Game solos

Locket Away


This is a solo RPG system, written mainly my Shane Garvey. I mainly did the treasure tables.

I have also added a Warlock of Firetop Mountain converter, a short adventure and some character sheets.

Legend of the Wayfarer books

Legend of the Wayfarer Core Rulebook
Deepbridge Danger Day
Challenge of the Faerie Lord
Risky Ventures
Seek and Ye Shall Find
Tavern of Spireport
Test of the Warrior
City of Winterbridge

Wayfarer (an updated version of Legend of the Wayfarer)

The Wayfarer core rulebook.


SCRAWL core rulebook

Dungeon of the Orc Boss (a dungeon for SCRAWL)

Anatomy of a Village (a supplement where you see what is happening in a village you're visiting)
Towning Around (a supplement for events and items in towns)

Explore to the Core (a generator for overland events and encounters for all terrains)

It's not my vault! (a dungeon generator for vaults)
Treemendous Fun (a "dungeon" generator for forests)
Rumble in the Jungle (a "dungeon" generator for jungles)
Rave in a Cave (a dungeon generator for caves)
Ruination (a dungeon generator for ruins)
Lair it Out (a dungeon generator for lairs)

Virtual Reality

Coils of Hate (reboot) - an updated version rebooting the 1993 gamebook by Mark Smith. It's free!
Coils of Hate (reboot) - the Epub version.
Coils of Hate (reboot) - pdf version on Lulu

Gamebooks I started, but never finished

Rulers of the NOW: I got up to about 250 sections in total, but stopped as I didn't like where the story was going. I figured that I wasn't good enough for the idea at the time and I will wait until I am to write it.

My Windhammer 2014 entry: This had an interesting twist on the gamebook genre, but I didn't like the story and so scrapped it. I might use the twist at some point again.

Gamebooks I wrote for apps

I submitted quests to Pirates and Traders (changed to fit the app) - Crown of Moctezuma and Hunt for the Treasure Fleet.

Asuria Awakens

The Path to Greatness

Gamebooks I finished for apps, but are not out yet

Goblin's Bounty

Fighting Fantazine

Lots of stuff - have a look.

Non-gamebook stuff

Simple D100 system
Gragoth's Wrath - a custom Magic the Gathering set I made ages ago.
Pauper Set - My second Magic the Gathering set made entirely of commons.
The Fiftieth Fall of the Mighty - a terrible Magic the Gathering inspired short story I did ages ago.

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