Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Inspired Gamebooks

The tourist trade for
the pyramids has
gone down .
There are many gamebooks that hold the spirit of Christmas for various reasons.

Snowy gamebooks

Heart of Ice

In this gamebook, a computer program that once controlled the weather has been driven insane by a virus and now most of the world is covered in snow and ice.  Even Egypt is beset by blizzards.

It has cool skiing

The Caverns of Kalte (Lone Wolf 3)

In this gamebook, Lone Wolf is sent to the frozen north to track down Vonotor the traitor.  There's a lot of hardship to be had on your travels.

She wears red, but she's
no Santa.

Caverns of the Snow Witch

The first part of this book takes place in the frozen mountains and involves you trying to kill the Snow Witch, a vampire sorceress who wants to plunge the world in a perpetual winter.

The main character has a beard too.
The Cold Heart of Chaos by Al Sander

In this amateur adventure, you are a young dwarf who goes to the Icefinger Mountains to investigate another dwarf clan that performed rituals to keep chaos at bay.  However, chaos is rising, so you think that something is wrong.

Stalking the Snow Beast by Zachary Carango

This is another post apocalyptic adventure where the world has been plunged in snow.  The elders of your town announce that they have a powerful artefact that could reverse the effect of the snow and you are going to be one of its guards.

Gamebooks where you have to deliver something (like Santa)

A lot of gamebooks do not really have the spirit of Christmas as you usually have to kill someone and then you steal their treasure.  However, there are a few gamebooks where you get to give someone a gift.  Isn't that nice.
Santa in the
Insectoid World.

Spectral Stalkers

This is a bit of a cheat as you have to deliver something (the Aleph) to someone to kill them, but it's their fault for summoning invincible relentless cosmic horrors.
He's annoyed because
his sweater didn't fit.

Forest of Doom

You have to deliver the hammer to Stonebridege.  You just have to find it first.  Bonus Christmas points for having a bearded man who makes things in a tower in a place where elves live (although he's selling them because he's a tightwad and the elves are dark elves that live beneath the forest).

Post apocalyptic
Santa with his wheels.
Prancer's driving.
Freeway Fighter

Deliver some fuel to your city in a post apocalyptic world.  I guess if the apocalypse did hit, then a canister of fuel is something you would put in your letter to Santa along with a good shotgun and a water purification kit.

Amateur Christmas Adventures

The official Fighting Fantasy website has held a couple of Christmas Competitions.  Its winners were Jack Henseleit who wrote Christmas in Hell and Dan Brida with Village of Evermas.

There are plenty more amateur adventures on the official site.  It does not say which of the others are Christmas themed, but I found A Grim Holiday by T.M Badowski and my entry The Presence of a Hero (get it? Presence sounds like presents?).

I hoe you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.  I'll be back next Sunday, 2nd January as usual, so until then, Merry Christmas!


  1. Impressive thematic linking! Next time I play Freeway Fighter I'll be sure to get the tingly christmas feeling. :D
    *sings* All I want for Christmas is ... life preserving petrol, without which barbarianism in the wasteland will lead to the extinction of the human race... ;)

    Keep up all the creative magic.

    Have a really good one, dude!

  2. You too (or as I'm posting this in January, hope you did have a good one). Thanks for the comments :).