Monday, September 8, 2014

Back from Fighting Fantasy Fest

Howdy gamebookers! I'm back from Fighting Fantasy Fest.  I will do a proper write up later, but there's something I want to ask people now.

Like everyone, I'm feeling energised by attending the amazing Fest (many thanks and congratulations Jonathan Green!) One thing I've been thinking that was also mentioned by Marc Wilson was that there is a lot of great gamebook stuff out there, but it is quite disparate and there isn't really a central gamebook place. A few forums pop up then go quiet. Marc and I also get emails from people who want feedback for their gamebooks, but we are both too busy to attend to all of them. However, there is a great crowd here and a central gamebooks place would be awesome - the question is, where could it be? Any ideas - Facebook, a forum, something else?

And don't forget that the Windhammer entries will be released on the 14th September!


  1. I would love there to be a more generalized gamebooker's haven but I would strongly suggest NOT tying it into a social network like facebook, etc, for a myriad of reasons.

    I think the best thing is a centralized forum running something usable like vbulletin or similar so that the people who run it have full control over it and are not subject to whatever changes Facebook or OtherSocialNetwork decide to make to their usage terms or features.

  2. Attending Fighting Fantasy Fest really got me excited about the idea of a community of gamebook enthusiasts. Like Nicodemus says a central forum would be ideal rather than Facebook or whatever. I think it's easy to get caught in the shuffle of various groups and circles. A central hub for the community to gravitate toward would be perfect.