Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from Iceland

I've just been on holiday to Iceland which is why I've been a bit quiet recently.  Iceland is a very interesting place to visit.  The landscapes and natural features are great and the countryside is beautiful in a barren way.  Amongs the fun activities that I took part in, I went whale watching and horse riding.  My horse was always impatient to move on and devoured nearby plants at every opportunity.  I also picked up an interesting fact  - it's been illegal to import horses to Iceland since 982AD.

I also spent some time playing Choice of the Dragon on my android.  There are several Choice of Games online and I found Choice of the Dragon an entertaining read.

There is also a great post on the Choice of Games blog about designing great stats and also how to write a long interactive novel that doesn't suck.

Choice of Games are looking for writers if you are interested as is The Chronicles of Arborell.  The Windhammer competition closes on September 7th, so there is still time to get a gamebook written and entered.  And if it's your first time, I  suggest you do it anyway.  You will get some very helpful feedback about your book.  Now if there was just a series of blog posts on how to write a gamebook to get you started...

On Sunday, we will have part 4 of How to Write a Gamebook - characters.  How do you think it's going at the moment?

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