Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to write a gamebook part 2 - splitting the plots into paragraph order

I've got a busy weekend ahead getting ready for a holiday (don't worry, I'll schedule part 3 for Sunday 21/08/11) so I'm releasing part 2 now.  Enjoy!

Good morrow to you and welcome to part 2 of my how to write a gamebook series.  We will be carrying on from where we left off at part 1 so if you have not read that part yet and made the gamebooks, give it a go first.

When we left part 1, we had a map, a flow diagram and a gamebook.

For the moment, we will leave the completed gamebook which we wrote using the just write it! method as we already have a gamebook using that method.  As we discussed on that page, this method has its good points and might be the best way to approach a short, simple gamebook.

However, if we want to write anything over 100 paragraphs (and even under 100 paragraphs if it is complex), then we will have to draw maps and/or make flow diagrams before you actually do some writing.

The first stage is to turn our methods into gamebooks and then we are going to expand on each method so that by the end of it, we will have three 10-15 paragraph gamebooks.  We will then go into randomising these paragraphs, working when you only have a certain number of paragraphs and organising paragraphs.  WE will do this when we have 3 longer gamebooks.

The first thing we need to do is improve on each method, so we need to go through parts 2a2b and 2c first.

Contents page

To improve on the map method, turn to 2a.

To improve on the flow diagram method, turn to 2b.

To improve on the just write it! method, turn to 2c.

If you have now improved all of your gamebooks using the three methods, it's time to move on.  Turn to part 2d - working with paragraphs.

To read the gamebook, turn to 2e.

To return to the main page, turn to part 2.

To see the video on how I made my gamebook in part 2d, go here.


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  2. Many thanks for the award Deirdra. It is much appreciated :).