Friday, August 19, 2011


Firstly, we have something I always enjoy reading - an amusing and witty playthrough of a Fighting Fantasy gamebook at Turn to 400.  This time, Island of the Lizard King gets the Murray treatment.

Secondly, I have made a short, simple RPG system.  It's only 3 pages as the referee gets most of the creative license (i.e they have to come up with a setting, list of skills and an adventure) but give it a look in.  Edit:  I have just uploaded a version where the hyperlinks work.

Thirdly, this is on Jonathan Green's blog regarding the Fighting Fantasy website:

2) Under New Management
Jamie Fry of Fighting Fantasy Collector fame, is taking over editorship* of the official Fighting Fantasy website. I - along with many FF fans, I am sure - would like to wish him well with this venture and look forward to seeing what he has planned.

Fourthly, if you are on twitter, then you can take part in a gamebook adventure run by Tw33t_rpg.  At the moment, we are playing Starfall, a scifi adventure.

Fifthly, I have found a clever little website that can turn twitter feeds into a newspaper.  I have done this with my gamebooks list so if you would like to know all the news in the gamebook world then go here.

Sixthly, there is a new Arborell gamebook!

The Chronicles of Arborell is pleased to announce the release of a new PDF edition of its popular core gamebook adventure, Windhammer. Comprising 600 sections and more than 400 A4 pages of text, this solitaire roleplaying adventure is a must for anyone wanting a printable edition of this central title in the Chronicles of Arborell fantasy gamebook series. Including new and updated graphics and illustrations, more than 200+ pages of supplementary documents and information, and a new Visualising Windhammer section this edition provides not only a fully interactive gamebook adventure but an immersion into the world of Arborell, its cultures and its long and violent history.

Windhammer is free to download from the Chronicles of Arborell website and is part of a series that currently boasts more than twenty titles. All are free and available as part of a fantasy world that includes gamebooks, novels, novellas, atlases, fantasy languages, mythologies, historical journals, card-based gamebooks, large-scale wargaming rule systems and a range of supplementary titles, most of which are available either online, as html-based downloads or in PDF format editions.

To obtain your free copy of this new PDF gamebook:
To find out more about the Chronicles of Arborell fantasy series:

Wayne Densley
Chronicles of Arborell


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