Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to write a gamebook part 12 - summary

Marr's been writing  gamebooks
since the'mirror incident'.
So we have come to the end of our how to write a gamebook journey.  I'm glad that I have done it as it's helped me to organise my thoughts on gamebooks and get a clearer idea on what I need to do.

Here are some parting things that I've learnt:

  • Carry a notebook with you at all times.
  • Get information from pretty much anywhere.
  • Read gamebooks and sourcebooks for inspiration for systems.
  • Come up with a good method to plan the book
  • Get into a good routine
  • Write, write write and don't give up
  • give your book to others and listen to their feedback.
  • Talk with other gamebook lovers from Yahoo Groups and forums.
  • Have their feedback to mind when you write your next gamebook.  
I hope that you have got as much from it as I did.  Now fly my pretties and write lots of gamebooks!  


  1. Excellent series, Stuart!
    this serie was really helpful! Thank you very much!
    I still working on the first chapters. :S


  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it useful Ikaros. Keep plugging away.

    Happy gamebooking!