Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to write a gamebook part 9 - Notes from my own gamebook writing

We're almost at the end of our gamebook writing journey.  Next week, I will write a summary on gamebook writing as we have gone through a lot.  I had no idea when I started how much I would have to write, but I am glad that I've done it.  This week, I am going to give some comments on three gamebooks that I have written.  It will be best to read the gamebooks first so that you have an idea of what my comments are about. I will be presenting my comments as videos so that you won't read them by accident.

If you would like to read some more gamebooks by myself with comments, you will find them in my imaginatively name book Ten Short Fighting Fantasy Books and One Long One.

If you would like to your submit your gamebook, you could email it to me at or put it on a comment.  All rights remain yours.

City of the Dead

This was my entry to the 2009 Windhammer competition (the current competition is going through its voting phase at the moment.)  You can find a review of it by Per Jorner here.

Here is my analysis in vlog form.  You can see it on Youtube here.

The Path to Greatness

I wrote this book for the Adventure Cow  website.  Since I was not able to have stats or an inventory list in the gamebook, I tried to come up with a way of winning without making the decisions too arbitrary or too easy.

Here is my analysis in vlog form.  You can see it on Youtube here.

Sharkbait's Revenge

This was my entry to the 2010 Windhammer competition (Please read the entries to the current competition and vote on them)

Here is my analysis in vlog form.  You can see it on Youtube here.


  1. I really like you vids mate, there really honest and critical of your own work.

    By the way, its DaveTheWargamer from Twitter / Dave from

    take care man =O)

  2. Hi Dave, glad you could drop by. I try to be honest about my work - picking it apart is the only way I can improve.