Friday, December 19, 2014

Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons

First, Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons should definitely be a thing. It'd be entertaining, and low-budget. Depending on who you booked, anyway; I guess Rihanna would want a decent fee.

Second, it's rare to see any sort of crossover between my twin passions of RPGs and post-mid-90s-esque alt-rock. So it's been great to see some D&D love coming from the rock star - the rock star - Ben Kweller. He recently posted a Facebook vid of a D&D game he was playing with his kids. Awesome parenting + D&D = Win.

Click here to see the vid - sadly, I can't embed Facebook vids directly into Blogger posts. Oh, and BK himself is not in shot here; he's the guy filming.

If you aren't au fait with Kweller's oeuvre, he's just... swell. Here's one of his more recent songs. He doesn't sing about D&D in this one, though (you really have to delve into the back catalogue for that).

Man, I love BK. Oh, he has a new pre-Christmas single out, 'It Ain't Christmas Yet'. Get it. Because it's great. And because he's a D&D fan.

So, who's in your dream D&D group? You can choose anybody you like. Except Shakira. Because she's already DMing for me.

(Post by Paul Gresty)


  1. A whole post on celebrity D&D, Paul, and you don't mention Vin Diesel?

    1. Vin Diesel's next week. Maybe Wil Wheaton too.

    2. Felicia Day is a GURPS 4e player. She's also better looking than Vin.

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