Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition monster - Grey

So here's another paranormal staple that gets the AFF 2 treatment - the Grey alien, the go to alien for 90s paranormal and conspiracy theory pop culture.  Here are some stats for a grey and also a template for a half Grey hybrid (Greyblood) as, according to Nick Pope's book, the Greys were trying to create a hybrid race by abducting people and stealing their sperm/eggs using invasive methods before attempting to wipe their memories (which didn't work all the time).


Greys are highly interlligent and organised creatures that are powerful wizards. Their aims are inscrutable, but some claim that they wish to make the races accept them as rulers by in a plan that will take centuries. These creatures are always backed up with powerful magical artefacts, not least their vessels of steel which can fly at alarming speeds and blink in and out of existence. Greys have also been known to use wands to enhance their magical powers which revolve around the mind. They are shorter and more frail than almost any other race, but they more than make up for it with their magic and artefacts. Greys may be encountered by accident or you might be seeing them because they have a part for you in their plans.  Whether you like it, or not...


LOCATION:  Anywhere.

REACTION:  Neutral - Hostile








SKILLS:  Magic - Wizardry 3, Magic - Minor 2, Second Sight 2, Magic Lore 2, Language - Grey 4.

TALENTS:  Natural Linguist, Natural Mage

Spells:  Beffudle, Weakness, ESP, Animate, Sleep, Ward, Fear, Sleep, Command, Peace,

Minor Spells:  Attraction, Repulsion, Hear, Honesty, Mistake, Inebriate.

WEAPON:  Unarmed




Link:  Greys are capable of telepathic communication with each other.

Wand:  This is a powerful artefact that only Greys or Greybloods can use.  It reduces the cost of all spells by 1 (to a minimum of 1), negates a roll on the oops! table if a double 6 is rolled and gives a +2 bonus on any magic rolls needed.

Race template - Greyblood

If you want one of your characters to be a half grey hybrid, you add the following modifications. The stat changes are balanced in terms of points when using the race creation methods in the AFF2 book with the Greyblood talent counting for 0 points as it will either have no effect on the game if Greys are not involved or it will have a mixture of good and bad effects if they are.

-2 from initial STAMINA

-1 from initial LUCK

+1 to initial MAGIC

Gain 1 point in the Second Sight skill and 1 point in the Magic - Minor skill.

Gain the Greyblood talent


A character with the Greyblood talent is capable of sensing greys in the near area (they start to feel very uneasy and a bit scared). They can also communicate telepathically with the Greys and use magical items that only Greys can use. However, they are susceptible to mind control from Greys and must have a -4 penalty on any attempt to test for luck in order to resist a spell or magical effect from a Grey.

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