Sunday, June 12, 2016

Future plans part 2 - interviews and news of releases (+kickstarter updates)

Hello again, gamebookers! Here I discuss some more future plans.

Well, you seem to like interviews. That's great. I do a bunch of interviews in April and then none for the rest of the year. Looking at other peoples' April A to Zs, my interviews are a lot longer than most other posts. Also, the A to Z didn't provide as big a stat boost as it used to possibly due to more participants and also possibly due to categorising blogs so that people skip categories they don't like. There are not many gameing blogs in the A to Z (about 10 this year from hundreds), so maybe either I need to do another challenge or have a different approach to the April A to Z.

However, I now have 5 years of interviews with people that most people probably haven't read properly because they were having 1 a day and may have been looking at other blogs, so one thing I will do is to repeat interviews and spread them throughout the year.

I will also ask people for interviews around the time they have some releases out. Hang on a second, that sounds like a link.

News of releases

There is now way too many websites for me to go through to get every gamebook release, which is why I use the gamebook feed and also why I have the feed link in to my Twitter profile. However, I can put the choice posts here, when a book is released, which leads on to kickstarters, which came a close 4th. I can also post links to kickstarters to do with gamebooks and IF.

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