Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ten Magic the Gathering artefacts I would use if I were a wizard

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If I were a powerful wizard and I could take ten magical items from the World of Magic the Gathering and bring them to my tower, then I would take the following.
Quick note:  As a Brit, I spell artefact with an e.  However, the US spelling is artifact.

First of all, a classic.  I'd want to know what is coming in my future.  I'll probably be having vagabonds knocking at my door asking for favours or trying to kill me because they see me as evil.  It's alway's good to plan ahead.

A sorcerer always needs a magic ring and this one 'taps' (if something is tapped, it cannot use its abilities and creatures cannot attack) an artifact, creature or land.  This will allow me to immobilise one opponent for a short time or disrupt another sorcerer's spellcasting.

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I'm also going to need a guardian.  This fellow is good for many reasons.  First of all, he's not a creature all of the time so people will not suspect him.  Second of all, he is indestructable so he will be difficult to defeat.  A perfect guardian for my tower.

The Darksteel Brute deals with physical threats but I may have to deal with rival sorcerers, and for this I will us an artifact infused with dark magic to prevent them from using a spell.

The above artifacts all need magical power (mana) and this beautiful and powerful artefact will power them and my spells with any mana I desire.

Fantasy Sudoku.
If I require some more mana or if I am going somewhere dangerous, I can use this ingot of extremely precious metal, darksteel.  Since it is indestructable, I can use it in my dangerous rituals where objects may be damaged.  

Finally, if I need more magical energy, I can use this puzzling relic from a far off plane.  In a pinch, I can also use the spells written upon it.  I will only do this if my life is at risk, though as this will destroy the hedron.

I will need to advance my research and what better than by reading the designs of an extrememly powerful artificer and sorcerer who had lived for thousands of years?  

Ranked no. 1 on the
Dominarian Amazon.
For a planeswalker, Urza did not get around much as he was much too focused on saving his home plane.  However, Venser got about more than an adventurer with the Aleph.  They say that travel expands the mind and this journal expands it so much that I can hold any number of spells in my head.  It is also a refreshing read.    
Finally, most of these artefacts cannot go on forever, and need time to recover.  If I need to use another one again, I can activate this little statuette in order to reuse them.

The Magic the Gathering cardsstoryline and articles are a great inspiration for gamebook ideas.  Take a look at them.  What artefacts would you use if you were a wizard?


  1. I liked the artifact creatures Triskelio and Tetravus, just because of their fancy game mechanics.

  2. The Darksteel Brute is a kind of overpowered Jade Statue of old... isn't it?

  3. the Skull of Orn was very cool, as it allowed you to re-use your enchantments...