Wednesday, January 4, 2017

You are the Beer-O 2017

Hello gamebookers! These are the dates for You are the Beer-O 2017. In case you don't know, You are the Beer-O is a chance for Fighting Fantasy fans to meet up, have a pint and talk Fighting Fantasy.

Sat 18th February - London (The Salutation, Hammersmith)
Sat 27th May - outer London meet-up (exact location to be confirmed)
Sun 28th May - London (The Salutation, Hammersmith)
Fri 1st & Sat 2nd September - London (The Castle, Ealing - special meet-ups in conjunction with Fighting Fantasy Fest 2)

I missed all of the events last year due to other commitments, but I hope to be at at least one of these fine events.

Also take note that Fighting Fantasy Fest is on the 2nd September this year

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Happy gamebooking!


  1. Hi there. Thanks for setting up and contributing to this superb website. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and check this website eagerly on a regular basis for new content.

    It's a shame I probably won't be in England for the FF events listed here. I hope things change!

    Cheers - Ishtra

    1. Many thanks for your comment. Melbourne is where Tin Man Games is based, so you might see them at some gaming events.

  2. Sucks that I live far away from London. Might make it for FFF2, though. Fingers crossed.