Sunday, June 27, 2021

News roundup and future events for June 2021

 Hi all! The months are flying by. June is almost over and we are now entering summer. Here's the latest from the gamebook world.

Immersive Authorship - Digital Writes - STOP PRESS

Keith Phillips (of Siege of Sardath fame) is helping young people write an awesome gamebook. If you want to join the production group and get guidance from an FF author, click on the link above.

Story Mechs

Story Mechs is a great interactive experience run by Sam Richards where you vote on the choices in a story. Sam has just finished his latest story, the Adventures of Molly.

Here is a summary of the next adventure:

The story is a videogame parody inspired by the Dark Souls series. The adventurers will be taking on the role of a low-ranking boss monster who is feeling disillusioned with his monotonous role.

The next adventure is set to start in September. Keep your eyes peeled!

David Lowrie

David Lowrie has released a new book which is a mixture of novel and CYOA - Varney the Vampyr. You can get it on Kindle and paperback from Amazon.

Don Bosco

Don Bosco has released LAST KID RUNNING _____ Night of the Six-Headed Robogator. You can get it from various places if you follow the link.

Martin Noutch

Martin Noutch has released Steam Highwayman 3: The Reeking Metropolis. You can get it on paperback from Amazon.

Lone Wolf

You can now Pre-Order Lone Wolf 27: Vampirium collector's edition now! It also comes with a bonus adventure, The Shadow Stalkers.

Gamebook News

Gamebook News has several new articles about recent gamebook releases.

Gamebook Academy

Gamebook Academy has posted a new interview with David Lowrie, author of many great horror gamebooks. Interview with David Lowrie

Samuel Isaacson

Samuel Isaacson has written a new blog post: Seven steps to playtesting

Current Kickstarters

Move aside, Spinal Tap. Swen Harder is doing a Kickstarter for a gamebook called Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock to create the "Loudest gamebook on Earth". I wonder if your character can die in a bizarre gardening accident. This is already funded.

Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock [ENGLISH HARDCOVER] by Swen Harder — Kickstarter

Delta Dreams is doing a Kickstarter for a 4 gamebook series relating to Lovecraftian lore. This is already funded.

Arkham Archives: the Complete Collection by Delta Dreams — Kickstarter

Storymasters Tales is making an interactive adventure! The Kickstarter has not started yet, but you can sign up for notifications.

Storymaster's Tales Spoken Adventures Game-Map. by Oliver McNeil — Kickstarter

Upcoming events

Interactive Fiction and Gamebook Discussion Group

July's book will be the Druids of Pneuma by Jam Hirons.

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