Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Road Trip Kickstarter

Hi all! I've found a new Kickstarter that ends in 56 hours at the time of writing - I didn't know about it in May and it will be over before my next update in June.

This one is called Road Trip, an Immersive Puzzle Adventure Fiction adventure (IPAF).

What is an IPAF? Well, this is the explanation on the Kickstarter:

"Simply put, IPAF (Immersive Puzzle Adventure Fiction - a genre I created in 2018) is a cross between a point-and-click video gamea pick your own adventure book and a solo rpg twisted with a dark mystery novel."

Leona also created Omniverse which is along similar lines.

At the time of writing, Road Trip is 102% funded, so you will get what you pledge for!

So go and back it!

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