Sunday, July 4, 2021


Hi all! I normally do an end of the month round up, but these things have appeared recently and so I thought I would mention them now.

Storymaster's Tales Spoken Adventures Game-Map. by Oliver McNeil — Kickstarter

The Storymaster's Tales is an awesome interactive theatre experience. Here, we have an interactive audio adventure with a map that links together other adventures. The Kickstarter is already funded and expires on the 30th July.

Problematic Protective Poisonous Purple Paint (hyperlinked pdf) –

Samuel Isaacson has released a gamebook which is about watching paint dry. But it's a lot more interesting than the phrase would have you believe.

I know what you're thinking

The Iron Uprising - Thunderegg Productions |

Jacob DC Ross has released a new gamebook and Solo RPG.

Step into a world of adventure when you join the Iron Uprising. You play as Snurri, a lowly dwarf on a quest to liberate the oppressed people of Eldrafell from a wicked king.

To accomplish your mission you need to free prisoners, destroy weapons factories and upgrade your power suit to overcome new opponents.

As part of the GamebookPlus line, this book contains a full solo roleplaying section that allows you to continue your adventures indefinitely after you play through the main story. There are even guidelines for compiling, sharing and collaborating on stories with friends!

This title is set in the same universe as our previous book, Stormwing, but you do not need to play either of those books in order to enjoy the others.

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