Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Gamebook Authoring Tool

 Hi gamebookers!

Today, I want to mention the Gamebook Authoring Tool. It is a great help for writing gamebooks.

One of the problems with writing gamebooks is randomising the sections. Along with those problems are the problems of making sure each section links to the correct sections, that there are no "orphaned" sections (sections where there are no ways to get there) that you don't want and that any sections that are supposed to have certain numbers (like section 1, the last section or answers to puzzles) stay at the same number.

Well, the Gamebook Authoring Tool is able to do that. It lets you write the sections out and automatically creates them as you do them. It lets you colour code sections which I find useful, because I can colour code sections as complete, not complete and bad endings. It also does the shuffling, but also lets you keep whichever sections you like fixed and also lets you swap sections.

This is just a short description of what it can do.

There is a free version of the Gamebook Authoring Tool that allows you to write a gamebook up to 100 sections long and convert it to rich text format. Daniel did this to let people enter the Windhammer Competition for free. And since I made the Lindenbaum competition as essentially Windhammer 2.0, it is perfect for that as well!

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