Sunday, January 23, 2022

Rulers of the NOW


Cover by Sammy

UPDATE 24/01/2022: I have updated the files, so if you downloaded them before today, download the new versions. I have also made the files PWYW in case you feel the need to give me money!

Hello lovely people! This post is to say that I have finally completed Rulers of the NOW, my 2011 Windhammer competition entry. Well, after 10 years and, a few iterations and LOTS of notes and planning, I have finally completed it! Here is the synopsis:

As a lowly temp for an insurance company, you dream that one day, your life will change. And one day, it does. You get charged with terrorism and stripped of all assets and social standing. Now you must navigate the dystopian world of England in 2041 to survive whilst the leaders of the New Order of Worlds, or NOW, enjoy lives of unlimited luxury, far away on their space station.

Will you ever discover why you were accused of terrorism? Will you survive as an outcast and will you discover who rules the NOW?

At the moment, it is a playtest version - it might need a bit of cleaning up, but it is ready to go. You can get it for free from the following places:

You can get it from Drive Thru

Rulers of the NOW Playtest edition - Slloyd14 |

You can get it from Itch

Rulers of the NOW - Playtest version by slloyd14 (

You can get it from Google Drive:

Please feel free to leave any comments about your impressions or anything you missed. In the future, I hope to release a final version, possibly with more illustrations from the wonderful Sammy.

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