Sunday, January 9, 2022

Those pesky lich lords

 Hello all! I am making a blog post on Lich Lords as they seem to pop up all over the place.

The Lich Lord's Lair

This is a Savage Realms solo book by Troy Anthony Schermer and Brian Henson.

Labyrinth: The Lich Lord's Lair: 1 (The Legorian Kings Saga): TroyAnthony Schermer, Brian Henson and, Shkipin, Ilya: 9781092418386: Books

Troy Anthony Schermer has released a Savage Realms single player gamebook. It is currently on Drive Thru RPG: Balance of Fate: The Legorian Kings Saga - EndGame Gaming |

Deep Where the Liche Lord Lies

This is a Tunnels and Trolls dungeon. The spelling is a bit off, but it's still pronounced the same.

Deep Where the Liche-Lord Lies - A Descent into Horror By Andy R. Holmes, a GM Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls (

The Keep of the Lich Lord

The Keep of the Lich is the 43rd Fighting Fantasy book by Jamie Thomson and Dave Morris.

The Keep of the Lich-Lord: Fighting Fantasy Gamebook 43 (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks) : Jackson, Steve, Livingstone, Ian, Morris, Dave, Thomson, Jamie, Gallagher, David: Books

It also got turned into a Fabled Lands quest, so you can play it with your Fabled Lands character:

The Keep of the Lich Lord: Volume 1 (Fabled Lands Quests): Morris, Dave, Thomson, Jamie: 9781909905214: Books

Honorable mentions

Deathlord of Ixia

The Deathlord of Ixia is the 17th Lone Wolf book. You can get it here: Project Aon: Main / The Deathlord of Ixia (browse)

Of course, being a death lord, they are not quite a lich lord, so they go here.

Return of the Witch Lord

The Heroquest campaign involving the Witch Lord. You can get the book and cards here: HeroQuest :: Return of the Witchlord :: English (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) :: Ye Olde Inn

It gets an honourable mention because witch rhymes with lich.

A Heroquest remake has been funded, so you might see more Heroquest soon: The Hero Quest Game, Hero Quest Game System - Avalon Hill

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