Friday, March 3, 2023

February news and upcoming March news

 Hello all! I'm sorry the news is late again. Here are some of the latest things going on:


The competition is going with 13 entries! Vote for your 3 favourite books. Closing date is 18th April 11:59:59pm GMT.

Lloyd of Gamebooks: Voting is now open for the 2022/2023 Lindenbaum Prize!

New releases

Computer games

Colossal Cave on Steam

Colossal Cave is one of the first interactive fiction games and I used to love trying to work out what was in the author's head. It is now on Steam with graphics.

Colossal Cave on Steam (

Deathtrap Dungeon

Deathtrap Dungeon is coming to Switch!

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure heading to Switch (


Destiny's Role: Dimensions 1

Mark Lain has taken his old school style gamebooks into sci-fi territory. The Kickstarter is running and is already funded.

DIMENSIONS 1 is the first gamebook in the new science fiction spin-off series from DESTINY'S ROLE adventure gamebooks. 

The book will feature a colour cover by Krystyna Nowek (who recently created the colour cover for the Scorpio Falls add-on module which was an exclusive to the Destiny's Role #4: Kaleidoscope Frenzy Kickstarter campaign and you can see more of her work HERE) and 20 black and white internal illustrations by Nick Spender (Fighting Fantasy #15: The Rings of Kether, Destiny's Role #3: Red Monsoon, Destiny's Role #4: Kaleidoscope Frenzy).

Destiny's Role: Dimensions 1 by Mark Lain — Kickstarter

Dungeon of Whatever

This one isn't out yet, but you can get notified.

A Gamebook of Unheard-Of DUNGEON CRAWLING MAYHEM intended for young readers of age 6+

Tales From Ane Moni: THE DUNGEON OF WHATEVER by Panagiotis Vlamis — Kickstarter

The Millenium Bomb

This is an interactive comic by Ricky Lima. It is already funded. 9 days to go!

 The Millennium Bomb is a graphic novel that I developed between 2019 and 2021. It's about a group of bodiless Millennials who find themselves stuck inside an art gallery after the world has ended. The art gallery is monitored by an A.I. called the Multi-Operational Mega Intelligence or M.O.M.I. for short. As the Millennials learn more about the gallery and how they got there it becomes clear that they must get out any way they can! 

The Millennium Bomb Gamebook by Ricky Lima — Kickstarter

Talamander Fantasy gamebook magazine issue 1

This is a kickstarter for a gamebook zine. It is already funded.

Fighting Fantasy green spines, Steve Jackson's Sorcery, Grailquest and The Way of the Tiger. That's where it all started for me back in the '80s.

I've always loved gamebooks and I've always wanted to write one, but the years ticked by and I never quite got around to it. Instead I published many fantasy small press comics and of course the terror and fantasy trumps, right here on Kickstarter with Rik and Chatri.

It was the Fantasy Trumps set that really convinced me to go for it. I've had ideas for an ongoing gamebook series for such a long time and I finally realised if I wanted to do it, I should just do it!

Talamander Fantasy gamebook magazine issue 1 by Tim Brown — Kickstarter

@MongoosePublishingLtd Shield Maidens - First look at the books for the new Cyberpunk Viking RPG - YouTube


Dragon Warriors meet up

Simon Barns of Red Ruin publishing is planning a meet up in the summer for Dragon Warriors fans. If you would like to join in, fill in the survey below.


Here is another playthrough blog I have recently discovered.



Fantastic flights has covered a couple of Transformers books and Sky Lord.

Fantastic Fights — Haunted Phonograph

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