Friday, April 1, 2011

April A to Z - A is for Agglax the Shadow Demon

Do demons even get
Appears in: Armies of Death (Fighting Fantasy 36) by Ian Livingstone.

Background:  Agglax is a shadow demon who has been trapped in a pot in a ruined temple for a while.  When a scavenger accidentally releases him, Agglax immediately decides to recruit a horde of foul beasts and monsters.  It is not stated why, but since he serves the Demon Princes it probably involves killing everyone in Allansia.

Prominence:  Agglax does not make an appearance until the end, but there are plenty of his servants throughout the book who ambush your men or attempt to assasinate you.  However, most of your trials come from other sources.  5/10

Hardness:  Agglax is almost unique amongst villains in the sense that he is actually surrounded by lots of servants and soldiers so it is tough to get close to him.

First, you have to fight a host of chaos warriors, have your men cut down by spears, engage in hand to hand combat with some monsters where you will die if you have not recruited the correct allies.  However, his horde is too big for your men and you have to distract them by throwing your gold into the air.  Then you finally confront him.

When you do confront him, you need a magic crystal and know the spell to activate it and banish him  You also need to fight a skill 10 stamina 10 guard.  He cannot be killed with your sword.  9/10

Ambition:  Killing everything in Allansia that stood against the Demon Princes in the First Battle.  9/10

Style:  Being a demon isn't too original.  Recruiting a horde and killing people is also not that original either.  Pretty unimaginative.  2/10

Diabolical genius:  Once again, Agglax's main defence is surrounding himself by a horde.  It is effective, but simple.  2/10

Total score:  Agglax is a bit of a one trick pony.  His method is to recruit every monster to his cause and then let them kill people.  While he does have a real threat to the whole continent, it is a plan that any demon could come up with.



  1. I'm doing the April A-Z challenge as well, and I'm trying to visit everyone at least once. Considering there are nearly 1000 people signed up, that's really the best I can do! I decided to start with 500 though, which is why I'm here today!

    I confess I'm not an RPG player, but I did find your demon description very interesting. I write about angels and demons, and there's some fascinating story going on in the description here. Love it!

  2. I am a gamer, although it's been a while since my Dungeon Master skills have been needed. I like the details of this demon.

  3. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Hope you will have a rewarding blogging experience in April. If there are any questions or comments please let me or my co-hosts know. You can find all the Challenge hosts listed at the top of my blog page.

    I don't know anything about these games, but I can appreciate the intricacy and imagination that must go into them.

    Have fun!

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  4. Love your take on April A to Z. Love. Will definitely check out all 26 of your posts. :) #gamer

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I've taken a look at your blogs and I love your posts. I'll be following your posts this April :).