Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April A to Z - D is for Darramous

I think there's a picture of Darramous 
in the Trolltooth wars, but I don't 
have a copy at the moment.,
So here is a picture of a cat.
Appears in:  Creature of Havoc (Fighting Fantasy 24) by Steve Jackson.

Background:  Darramous is an undead half elf sorcerer, who, when he's not trying to get into more demographic groups, is running a gold mine for Zharradon Marr.  He took the position from a wizard called Hannicus who was far too lenient for Darramous and had strange ideas like paying the miners.  Darramous blinded Hannicus and made the miners his slaves.

Prominence:  He's in one scene in the book.  1/10.

Hardness:  Daramous cannot be killed by normal weapons and if you fail to kill him quickly, he'll use his powerful magic on you.  You can only kill him with Hannicus's ring.  8/10.

Ambition:  Can't be very high if he's content running a gold mine for someone else.  1/10.

Style:  His gold mine certainly is a sick and messed up place, crawling with weird beasts and dangerous traps.  He also gets bonus marks for being half elf, undead and a magic user.  I bet the convention for undead half elf magic users is pretty quiet.  6/10.

Diabolical genius:  Darramous doesn't really get a chance to shine since anything that you encounter might be down to his boss's diabolocal genius.  4/10.

Total score:  He's interesting, but he needs an evil plot of his own to really shine.  20/50.

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