Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April A to Z - E is for Exterminous

He's going for a short
walk.  He's going for
a minor tour (get it?)
Appears in:  The Plague Lords of Ruels (Lone Wolf 13) by Joe Dever.

Summary:  After destroying the Darklords, you have to stop some more of Naar's minions.  They are known as the Cener Druids and they seem to want to unleash a plague upon Magnamund.  You need to foil this plan which involves facing the druid leader, Cadak who, as well as being a maniac mass murderer, also has quite a weird taste in tapestries.  This creature is part of some demonic feast picture on a tapestry until Cadak speaks a command word, when it comes to life and attacks you.

Prominence:  He's only in a few paragraphs of the book.  1/10

Hardness:  With a combat skill of 50 and an endurance of 50, Exterminous is a tough opponent.  However, that is as far as he goes.  6/10

Ambition:  Living in a tapestry at the beck and call of someone else doesn't show great ambition.  0/10

Style:  He's based on the minotaur but has a few add ons.  3/10.

Diabolical genius:  None.  0/10.

Total score:  He's really tough but he's ultimately a mook.  10/50.  

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