Thursday, April 7, 2011

April A to Z - F is for Fieor

Appears in:  Black Vein Prophecy (Fighting Fantasy 42) by Paul Mason

Background:  Son of the old evil king Bezenvial and your brother, Fieor has raised an army in order to bring the Isles of the Dawn under his tyrannical rule and fulfil the Black Vein Prophecy.

Prominence:  You can run into him before the final confrontation.  You can also run into one of his officers or some of his servants who mistake you for him.  He certainly is making his presence felt in the Isles of the Dawn.  7/10
He also wants to
cure his fear of

Hardness:  A skill of 9 and a stamina of 14 is ok, especially since he's been asleep for years.  Fieor also has an array of magical powers and he can kill you with a single spell. You need to have the correct sequence of magical powers to defeat him.  If you have the correct sequence, you will defeat him, no trouble.  However, you have to find them throughout the book first.  6/10

Ambition:  Wants to rule over a country.  7/10.

Style:  You don't really get to know Fieor that well, even though he is your brother.  I assume that he lives in a tent with his army.  He has some nice wacky armour and he doesn't want just any dragon - he wants a dragon with crazy creatures on its stomach.  5/10.

Diabolical genius:  Another invasion plan.  However, he goes about it more cleverly than others.  He hires mercenaries that you can hire to turn against you.  His plans show a series of clever ambushes and he did all this in a short amount of time  4/10

Total score:  Fieor does a lot in a short amount of time.  Most of his plan is to use an army to rule over the Isles of the Dawn, but he does have some wacky extras to help him.   29/50

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