Thursday, April 14, 2011

April A to Z - L is for The Lizard King

The nudist avenger.
Appears in:  Island of the Lizard King (Fighting Fantasy 7) by Ian Livingstone.

Background:  The Lizard King rules over Lizard men and other nasty creatures on Fire Island.  He also owns a gold mine worked on by slaves.  To make himself stronger, he has attached a gonchong to his head.

Prominence:  You only see the Lizard King at the end, but his soldiers are around a lot of the island.  They are also in the gold mine.  He does not own the island outright, however as there are tribes of pygmies and head hunters there.  7/10.

Hardness:  The Lizard king has a skill of 10 (12 when wielding a fire sword) and a stamina of 15.  He is immune to non fire attacks.  He also has a pet black lion with a skill of 11 and a stamina of 11, so you have some tough fights ahead of you.

You need a fire sword and/or a monkey to defeat him.  If you have both, you have an easy fight as you reduce his skill to 6.   If you have the fire sword without the monkey, he has a skill of 12.  If you have the monkey, he has a skill of 10 and you can increase your attack strength (I know it says skill but it won't work unless it says attack strength) by 2.

If you kill him, you have to make the correct decision to kill the Gonchong.  Whatever you do, you still have to fight a skill 11 opponent.  7/10

Ambition:  To rule over Fire Island forever (it is implied that the gonchong extends his lifespan).  Bonus mark for the forever part.  8/10.

Style:    The Lizard King lives in a pretty bog standard castle and his lack of clothing means that he is a bit limited on the personal style.  Bonus mark for attaching a wierd creature to his head.  3/10

Diabolical genius:  Old fashioned violence achieves most of the Lizard King's aims, so not really.  2/10

Total score:  The Lizard King has achieved a powerful rule over most of Fire Island and has increased his strength and lifespan with the gonchong.  27/50.

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