Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Haiku gamebook reviews!

There are already quite a few sites offering gamebook reviews, or gamebook playthroughs, and most of them are more interesting and entertaining than anything I could offer. One of my own favourites just now is Malthus Dire's Fighting Fantasy page.

Few gamebook review sites offer reviews in the format of centuries-old Japanese poetry, however. I intend to remedy that. And so, here are my three haiku gamebook reviews of the day.

THE WARLOCK OF FIRETOP MOUNTAIN, by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone

Psycho treasure hunt.
North, south, east, west - frustrating.
Sit on chest and weep.

ROBOT COMMANDO, by the other Steve Jackson

Robots in disguise
Fight enemies of the state.
Wake up, sleepyheads!


Ghost adventurer -
Patrick Swayze with a sword.
Choose a new body.

(Post by Paul Gresty, cross-posted at his blog.)

1 comment:

  1. Here's mine, #2: Citadel of Chaos

    Balthus Dire - bad!
    Apprentice sorcerer hired.
    Gets him with a cape!