Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'll be running an AFF scenario at Dragonmeet

Hi gamebookers!  Just a quick one to say that I'll be running a 3 hour Advanced Fighting Fantasy game at Dragonmeet on the 6th December.  The game is called Holy Order.  Here is the synopsis...

When the High Priestess of  Usrel is kidnapped by black cloaked abominations, fear spreads through the town of Chalice that an invasion is imminent. It falls to you to discover her kidnappers and save her.  However, as you delve deeper into a labyrinthine plot, you start to fear that an invasion from the forces of Chaos is probably the least of your troubles...

I'll be running it at some point in the afternoon (from 2:30pm).

If you want to sign up, or if you want to go to Dragonmeet, go here.


  1. Hi- can't seem to find the game listed on the Dragonmeet site. Are there any places still available?

  2. The game will be put on the website on Friday.