Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Great Online Tip Jar

Crowdfunding is going to the next level.  Whilst Kickstarter is still a massive behemoth with some Lone Wolf board game (also read Richard S. Hetley's blog post here about it) and Maelorum volume 2.
excellent gamebook related projects such as the

However, there is a new crowdfunding site in town.  Patreon works differently to Kickstarter in the sense that the product is already being produced, usually for free and it allows fans to give money to the creator to show their appreciation.  It is essentially a tip jar.

At the moment, I am supporting Scott Malthouse for his USR materials and Thom Rosell for his excellent Pod Your Own Adventure podcast.  Patreon is one to watch.

Patreon has inspired me to give myTunnels and Trolls solos the cost of pay what you want (including £0)

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