Saturday, April 29, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Y is for YOU ARE THE HERO 2 and other wonderful things

Jonathon Green is doing great things for the gamebook world. First, he is organising FIGHTING FANTASY FEST 2 on the 2nd September in London which will be AWESOME!

Also, you should look out for the Wicked Wizard of Oz, an awesome gamebook based on Frank L. Baum's the Wizard of Oz. You can pre order it from Amazon and it will be available from the 1st May.

Also, Jonathon is writing YOU ARE THE HERO part 2 which was recently funded on Kickstarter.

The awesome Lone Wolf gamebook series now has an RPG!

Megara entertainment is releasing great new gamebooks including Autumn Snow - a new Lone Wolf spin off. It has also released Templre of the Flame - the 2nd Golden Dragon gamebook - with 100 extra sections written by Mark Lain.

Micabyte continues to kick ass with its awesome apps - you should check them out.

Also, check out the Explore-A-Quest series by Anthony Lampe.

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  1. Cannot wait until Fighting Fantasy Fest 2!
    - Ruffnut