Thursday, March 3, 2022

News for February 2022 and upcoming news for March 2022

 Hello all! I'm sorry I'm late with my post (again). Here is the latest news in the gamebook and interactive fiction world. There's a lot on!


Ganesha games is creating support materials for games such as 4 Against Darkness. This is run by Andrea Sfiligoi who had to abandon his old studio in Ukraine. 

Ganesha Games is creating Support materials for tabletop games | Patreon


London-based duo Andy Wood and Mark Cholerton met aged-ten thanks to a shared love of Lone Wolf and have set out to create a new song inspired by each book in the saga.

As musically-inclined chaps with a creative drive, they've been inspired to write and record a musical equivalent to all the great fan art we've seen over the years,

"We don't have any specific ambitions for the music other than sharing it with our friends, families and hopefully the Lone Wolf community out there," says Andy. "It's very much a passion project which helps us stay connected and sane amidst our busy day jobs and family lives."

So as we remember Joe, let's also give a little love to the amazing fans he helped inspire.

Brotherhood of the Crystal Star

New book releases

Don Bosco

This March, Don Bosco is releasing The Supergame.

This is Book 3 of the thrilling LAST KID RUNNING gamebook series for 10 to 12 year olds. YOU decide how the story unfolds.

You are Runner X, one of six contestants in the final round of Last Kid Running, the craziest game show streaming on the mobile web.

You’ve been waiting eagerly for this. But the pandemic strikes, and the ingenious Dr Yamato creates a home-based VR version of this event instead, to keep the fans entertained.

It turns out to be a wild and futuristic adventure, with five levels full of twists, thrills and tricky challenges. Plus, you’ll need to solve the Riddlemaster’s Remarkable Riddle, which is the most baffling brain-teaser you’ve ever encountered.

Do you have what it takes to be the LAST KID RUNNING?

Read and find out!

Super Cool Books: LAST KID RUNNING _____ Book 3: The Supergame coming in March 2022, final gamebook in the trilogy

Dave L Lewis

Dave L Lewis has released Army of Bones, which is the sequel to his first book, The Demon Sorcerer.

You are a legend in your home world. YOU are the Wizard’s champion, slayer of the Demon Sorcerer and master of the blade, but your great deeds have attracted many powerful enemies. An ancient evil has risen from the Underworld. If you have any chance of defeating it, you will need more than just your brawn and wits. This time, you will need to make allies out of enemies. Set in a world of magic and mayhem, Army of Bones is the thrilling sequel to The Demon Sorcerer gamebook. Taking six years to create, the book includes full page illustrations, four hundred sections and an epic quest where you can shape your own destiny. Prepare to be thrown into a world of savage monsters, mighty Gods and battling armies.

Your adventure awaits!

Army of Bones: An Adventure Gamebook: 2 (The Demon's Bane Series) : Lewis, D L, Lewis, D L: Books

The Demon Sorcerer: An Adventure Gamebook: Lewis, D L, Lewis, D L: 9781916125001: Books

You can get a limited number of signed copies here: Army of Bones: An Adventure Gamebook by D. L. Lewis (PB) | eBay

Here is Dave L Lewis's Facebook group DLLewis Gamebooks | Facebook


Marvel are releasing gamebooks!


Destiny Quest

Michael J. Ward is releasing the Destiny Quest companion.

The DestinyQuest Companion » DestinyQuest (


OUT NOW – we are extremely excited to announce the EXCLUSIVE release of TITAN: THE FIGHTING FANTASY WORLD – an audio guidebook to the incredible fantasy gamebook world of Steve Jackson and Sir Ian Livingstone.

Spokenworld Audio

Computer games

To Carry a Sword

This is a computer game which Richard S. Hetley is involved in.

Story-rich roleplaying game mixing interactive events, strategic planning, and real-time combat. Become the guard of a medieval caravan in a journey where the social connections you make are just as important as the money.

To Carry a Sword on Steam (


Red Ruin Publishing

Casket of Fays, the free Dragon Warriors zine will have issue 6 out around March. Keep your eyes peeled! The Cakset of Fays website is here.

Voidspace Zine

This is a new zine about all things interactive fiction.

voidspace _ – interactive arts (


Fantastic Fights and Where to Find them

This podcast is currently on Robot Commando. Mech vs Dinosaur goodness.

Fantastic Fights — Haunted Phonograph

Instadeath Survivors' Support Group

Brian is currently playing through the awesome Steam Highwayman series and talking to me about the latest in the gamebook world.

Welcome to Instadeath Survivors Support Group by Instadeath Survivors Support Group (


Only The Dead Will Hear Your Screams - A Horror Gamebook by Jonathon Kelly — Kickstarter


Lindenbaum is still going! Remember to read the 16 awesome books and vote!

Lloyd of Gamebooks: Voting is now open for the 2021/2022 Lindenbaum Prize!

Voyages in social media

I found this in the Gamebooks subreddit

This is from Mattocreates:

It's called Ever Soaring and the first chapter is complete, consisting of just over 9000 words spread across 59 individual passages. It's set in the Warhammer 40k universe, but that's just the setting and you don't actually need to know anything about 40k to enjoy the story. Just be warned that it contains written depictions of graphic violence.

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