Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April A to Z - Q is for quick links to wonderful people

Hello gamebookers and visitors! Today, I have a list of links of gamebook related sites for people who I haven't managed to interview this year. Please give them a peruse!

Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling: Emily Short is a consultant for Interactive Fiction and her blog demonstrates her massive depth and breadth of knowledge on the subject along with analysis of the aspects of interactive fiction. Her posts are always very informative and helpful. She is also kind enough to review some of my Windhammer entries (here and here).

Fighting Fantasy Project:A collection of free, fan-made Fighting Fantasy gamebooks made online.

Choice of Games: A company that produces a huge collection of online gamebooks. Something for everyone!

Adventure Cow: A website that allows you to make your own interactive fiction stories and play others. They have also created the app version of Destiny Quest, called Destiny Quest Inifinite.

Crumbly Head Games: A company that produces the invaluable Gamebook Authoring Tool!

Fighting for Your Fantasy: A blog by author Justin MacCormack

Way of the Tiger Playthrough:

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