Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The April A to Z is going to be a gamebook bonanza!

I want Robin Hood and minotaurs
and Napoleon and Dwarves and
giant lego bricks and EVIL and
cowboys and knights and space
ships and tanks and ogres the
Sean Connery.  Next week we'll
do some really crazy stuff.
Stoked is not a word I would have considered using to describe my self about blogging, but I would definitely use it to describe how I feel about this year's A to Z challenge.  Why?  Quite simply, I got carried away.  In a good way, really.  My theme was the A to Z of why gamebooks are great and I was going to write a few articles and include a few interviews.  Then I decided that I should interview more people to include them in my blog.  Then I decided that I should just interview anyone I've ever interacted with who has anything to do with gamebooks and a few people who I had had nothing to do with.  I basically went on a large email rampage shooting questions in all directions and receiving loads of emails that filled up my inbox.  I just went on and on until I could interview no more.  For my excuse, I quote Terry Gilliam, who, after spending most of the budget for The Meaning of Life on his short, The Crimson Permanent Assurance, his response was 'Nobody told me to stop.'

I love Terry Gilliam's approach to his work.  Why let little things like money get in the way of realising your creative vision.  If we are to create, we should make it big and bold and completely over the top and with NINJAS!

So this is what I have done with my April A to Z.  The gamebook world has been very kind to me in the sense that much of it gave up its time to send me answers to my questions meaning that there will be some days where there is more than one interview and few days where there will be none - so far, the only entry I haven't requested an interview for is Youtube.

However, there may be people out there who love gamebooks who I haven't got in contact with.  If YOU are one of these people, leave a comment or email me at and tell me which letter that you would like to be featured in along with any links.  The April A to Z is a great time to showcase your website or blog as hundreds of bloggers will be taking part and exploring the blogs who are taking part.

Here are my interviews so far:

Amateurs  (interviews with amateurs from here)
Blogs (interview with Coopdevil)
Choice of Games
Discussion forums (interviews with people from forums here and here and possibly others)
Join the ever growing band of
Excalibur Junior (Grailquest) (interview with Herbie Brennan)
Gamebook Adventures (interview with Neil Rennison)
Harkuna and the Fabled Lands (interview with Dave Morris and Jamie Thompson)
Jasan Barnett (interview confirmed)
Kleptomaniac Heroes (interview with Billiam Babble)
Lone Wolf
Magazines (interview with Gallicus, editor of Fighting Fantazine)
Tunnels N Trolls (Interview with Scott Malthouse and Ken St Andre)
Own Adventure (as in choose your)
Pirate gamebooks that took a while to be released (Jonathan Green) (interview with Jonathan Green)
Quest, Destiny (interview with Michael J. Ward)
Readers (herehere and here) (interview with Murray and Torallion)
Spin offs (herehere and here)
Twitter (interview with SamuelJ, the brains behind Tweet RPG)
Undead filled new Fighting Fantasy books (Ian Livingstone's 30th Anniversary book)
Very comprehensive Gamebook websites (interview with Demian Katz)
Windhammer competition (interview with Wayne Densley)
Xhoromag and other gamebook programs (interview with Xhoromag and Christopher Liu)
Zhu Bhajee (interview confirmed)

So if you want to take part, leave a comment or email me on  It's going to be epic.

It's fun to charter an accountant.  And sail the wide accountancy...

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