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Trickster profile - The Riddling Reaver

He always gets something off his chest.
The Riddling Reaver is a prominent character in the world of Titan.  He is the prime servant of Logaan, the trickster god and his mission is to make sure that good or evil do not get too strong.  For this reason, he could be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on whether your side is winning or not.  He pops up on many occasions as an ally, a villain or as a 'wild card' character that could help or hinder you.  The Reaver himself is a flamboyantly dressed human like creature who spends a lot of his time laughing and joking.  Most people would thinks that he is mad.  However, he serves an important role in balancing good and evil on Titan and his madness is just a facade with a devious and dangerous mind beneath it.

The Riddling Reaver as an ally


As long as you don't shoot him (which Logaan himself admonishes you for), then the Reaver gives you a lift in his flying ship and gives you a clue as to where you can find Mencius.  Of course, he doesn't just tell you where to find him.  He gives you the clue in the form of a riddle.  Your direct approach, however, irritates him.

His methods may appear
a bit ropey but he knows
what he is doing.

Slaves of the Abyss

You are just about to defend a village from a swarm of spirit sucking insects when the Reaver falls down the chimney with a rope to help you escape.  He definately knows how to make a great entrance.  You have to take his help to win.  The Reaver also gives you a sense of humour in a bottle, which sounds confusing but  if you use it, it becomes one of the most brilliant ways you will use to incapacitate a villain.

Black Vein prophecy

The Reaver makes a brief appearance in this book.  He pops out of a painting, tells you to change your ways and then does a backflip into a chest.  When you open it, he is not there.  The Reaver also knows how to make a good exit.

The Riddling Reaver as a villain

Opposing the Reaver is a jarring
In the Riddling Reaver RPG, you realise the full extent and madness of the Reaver's powers.  He ties up the princess with a jar of spiders on her head so that she can't move.  He has several stuffed replicas of himself with humorously deadly stuffings.  He has an army of mutant lizardmen and jelly encased skeletons and he aims to completely overthrow the balance of good and evil on Titan.  In this RPG, the Riddling Reaver is almost Titan's answer to the Joker.

That's all folks!
The Riddling Reaver as a wild card

In Crimson Tide, you find the Reaver posing as a monk on a mountain.  If you fight him and defeat him or answer his riddle, he helps you.  Otherwise, he does not.

And so ends a month of tricksters.  The Trickster archetype is always a fun and interesting character in every story as they usually throw everything into disarray and shake things up.  Great :).

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