Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Tunnels and Trolls solo!

Good news everybody!  I have released another Tunnels and Trolls solo - Khazan City Chaos.  I wrote this book from the central idea of trying to get your character to spend/lose as much money as possible.  This short (56 paragraph) solo involves you pursuing some bandits to Khazan City in order to recover some royal treasure that you have stolen.  Unlike a lot of gamebooks, you start this solo with loads of equipment and shed loads of cash.  As well as the mission, you have plenty of opportunities to spend your money on magic, equipment, training or just the finer things in life.

Of course, you don't need pot loads of real cash to buy it - I'm selling this solo for £0.56 (around $0.88) so there is no reason not to go out there and grab it.

I have also reduced the price of my other solo - Temple of the Fool God - to £1.90 (around $2.98) so this is a great chance to get stuck into both solos for 1st level characters (or level 1-2 characters in the case of Khazan City Chaos) of any class - warrior, rogue, wizard, paragon, citizen, specialist -using the Tunnels and Trolls 7.5 edition.

This is also the first solo which includes my house rules for talents, magic and combat (including the use of stunts - saving throws you can do in combat which allow you to perform special attacks).

So what are you waiting for?  Temple of the Fool God has just received a glowing review so you should try that out and then continue the adventures of your character with Khazan City Chaos.  If you have recently read Trollzine 4 you may have played the solo where you get to hang around in a city.  Khazan City Chaos is similar to that (I had no idea that it would) but it includes a quest where you can recover the king's treasure (or run off with it if you like)

So that it all.  The next thing you need to do is download these solos.  You can find Temple of the Fool God here and Khazan City Chaos here.


  1. That's an interesting concept. I have a couple of characters who have way too much money, equipment, etc. If they find a golden necklace worth 500 g.p., they would probably leave it on the floor like a worthless coin :-)

    1. It seems to be a problem. In my future TnT solos, I might have some kind of expensive items or other things (titles, land, servants for hire, houses, ships) that may not have a direct bearing on the solo but the hero has an option of buying them just to show how rich they are.

  2. Brilliant stuff - I've just bought it. Keep them coming, you're a fantastic writer.

  3. Good news
    On April I will buy them. Is my way to grateful your excellent work in your blog!
    Keep publishing!


  4. @SCott and Ikaros - Many thanks for your support and your kinds words guys!