Sunday, March 4, 2012

April A to Z update

Hi all,

What started off as me emailing a few people for interviews snowballed into me trying to hunt down literally EVERYBODY online who has had some kind of connection to gamebooks.  So I've made a few changes to the line up.  I have sent off interviews and already got some back, so this is what the line up currently looks like.  Basically, if I have my way, the April A to Z will be like an assembling of The Avengers for gamebooks.

Choice of Games
Discussion forums
Excalibur Junior (Grailquest)
Gamebook Adventures
Harkuna and the Fabled Lands (interview with Dave Morris and Jamie Thompson)
Jasan Barnett
Kleptomaniac Heroes
Lone Wolf
Tunnels N Trolls (Interview with Scott Malthouse)
Own Adventure (as in choose your)
Pirate gamebooks that took a while to be released (Jonathan Green)
Quest, Destiny
Readers (herehere and here)
Spin offs (herehere and here)
Undead filled new Fighting Fantasy books (Ian Livingstone's 30th Anniversary book)
Very comprehensive Gamebook websites
Windhammer competition (interview with Wayne Densley)
Xhoromag and other gamebook programs (interview with Xhoromag)
Zhu Bhajee

This is getting very exciting.  I'm looking forward to April with great anticipation.  Until then, happy gamebooking!


  1. Good luck in this challenge!
    I just noticed your new Gamebook (the Fool God). It is posible to play it "as it is" or do I need especial rules?
    Also, good luck with the temple of the Fool God!


  2. Hi Ikaros! Glad to see your comments again. Temple of the Fool God uses 7.5 edition Tunnels and Trolls which you have to buy but you can get the 5th edition rules for free here

    and they are not too different. You cast spells from WIZ in 7.5 edition. If you played as a warrior, these rules would suffice.