Monday, May 30, 2016

Future plans part 1 - gamebook theory

Hello gameboookers. I hope you are having a fab time, wherever and whenever it may be. I'm writing with my planned response to this post with what you want.

The top three things, getting 13, 12 and 11 clicks were gamebook theory, interviews and kickstarter alerts. I'll address each of those individually then I'll address the bottom answers.

Gamebook theory

So a lot of you want to write a gamebook? Well, I can help with that. I ahve written a few posts on how to write a gamebook, but I realise that they are getting several years old. All of the "main" posts have been written and the remaining posts I have leftover from when I wrote a massive batch are on "minor" things. however, since writing these posts, I have done a lot more gamebook writing, which is why I want to revisit and update various posts. The ones I have in mind are listed below:

How to write a gamebook series (makes sense, I guess)

Dice (and other random elements) in gamebooks

Types of Choice (links in with a Bestiary of Player Agency)

Gamebooks for dummies


Magic systems


GameBOOKS vs GAMEbooks

Gamebooks that feel dangerous vs gamebooks that are dangerous

Enjoyable and challenging vs unfair and frustrating

Gamebook player types

Morality in gamebooks


Food and water

Minigames and puzzles

Once I have revisited them and refined my outlook, I can apply again and then refine it. In the long long term, I will be able to distill all the important points into a book about how to write a gamebook.

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