Saturday, April 25, 2015

April A to Z - V is for very good apps from Cubus games

You have managed to find a wide range of authors for your apps. How did you select them?
On one hand, by searching for the gamebook websites, blogs, game reviews, etc. we could find many interesting authors. On the other hand, other fiction writers got in touch with us from different countries (United States, England, Scotland, Spain, Russia, New Zealand, Bulgaria...). Once both parts know the conditions of the agreement, the final selection is made by our content director, Jaume Carballo, after going deep into the idea, get the feelings, and balance the possibilities of the story as an interactive fiction app. 

You have modernised Dave Morris's book, Necklace of Skulls and turned it into an app. Do you have any plans for any other Dave Morris books?
It's a good question! I have to recognize that we are working on a project with Dave Morris that is going to be 'launched' this spring. We like the way he works and the stories he creates. He's a master. 

You have also turned Kyle B. Stiff's Heavy Metal Thunder series into apps. Do you intend to work with Kyle on his future books?
It's a possibility. I mean, Kyle B. Stiff's has his own style, beloved by the fandom, and it has been working very well in the stores. For these reasons, in certain way he's part of Cubus Games crew for future journeys! Anyway, Heavy Metal Thunder series haven't finished yet... There's more Cromulus adventures to come!

You have just done a presentation on fear in video games. Do you intend to make any more horror based apps like the Sinister Fairground?
We like horror, sci-fi, steampunk, fantasy... but we feel that now it's time to explore the darkest side of our minds... Jaume is really focused in psycho-thriller stuff right now and I know for sure that sooner or later we'll announce something related to it. We've already done a few brainstormings and testings, and I hope the final approach is near.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to make a gamebook into an app?
I would say, think in the app format and the possibilities that the device is offering, but also don't forget that if you don't have a good story, you don't have anything.

What future releases have you got planned?
Apart from some ideas about interactive storytelling that we are developing and testing in background (to be released soon), we are preparing a Kickstarter campaign to fund and promote the next 'gamebook app' release. We can talk about it in few weeks! ;)


  1. These are the ones to watch! I've been a part of a lot of projects that fell apart simply because the will, the drive to make it to the end, wasn't there. These guys keep going even when things get tough, and that's a rare trait in this world! I'm still working on HMT 3: Slaughter at Masada, but it's coming! Can't wait to hear more about the next Dave Morris project!

    1. Funny, I was just thinking how I'm slavering to hear what Kyle B Stiff is going to do next :)