Saturday, April 11, 2015

Want an awesome gamebook? Look at Westward Dystopia!

We interrupt this April A to Z to give you a special Kickstarter announcement - Jeffrey Dean's awesome gamebook, Westward Dystopia  is in need of funding to make it even more awesome. The money required is needed for editing, printing, playtesting and developing for electronic platforms.

So far, his book has already been finished and it has been illustrated by the extremely talented Tony Hough, and there are plenty more incentives to fund it - Jeffrey already has a prequel done and two sequels on the way!

The book itself is very entertaining - you play a mutant with the power to control electricity in a post-apocalyptic western themed gamebook. Your old job was to hunt pre-razing (the name for the
apocalypse) relics which include guns, explosives, torches and other things.

The world is populated by bandits and  mutants who are hunted down and killed for fear that they might turn rabid and violent. You left the guild that supported you for fear that they would find out that you were also a mutant.

What starts off as a raid sets you off on a mission full of twists and turns as you discover that mutants are not all that they seem, you learn how to use your powers and you discover that there are other organisations out there who have other motives. It also lampshades the format of the gamebook at one point, which I thought was quite funny.

The story is gripping and thought provoking and leaves you wondering what will happen next.

For 10 Canadian dollars (about £5 or $8), you can get the ebook version of the book. UK backers also get reduced shipping costs!

Well, if you want to find out, go and back Westward Dystopia.

Happy gamebooking!

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