Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April A to Z - C is for Choice of Games

I first came across Choice of Games when I was playing with my android phone - I came across Choice of the Dragon (which I wrote about here).  

Basically, Choice of Games do gamebooks for online play, Android, iPhone and other smart phones.  These games are wonderfully eclectic.  As well as a game where you play a dragon, you could also play a vampire, a sailor or someone who is trying to find romance.  

I enjoyed Choice of the Dragon as for starters, you play a dragon!  You get to squish puny humans and aim to horde as much treasure as possible.  You can also find a mate.  Ashton Saylor reviews other Choice of Games here.

There is a huge range of official games and user made games for you to try.  You can play them online or download them to your smartphone.

Choice of Games also has a great blog with tips on how to design your own game.  This is another strength of Choice of Games - there is a big community of writers who are coming up with their own games.  Choice of games are looking for writers at the moment so if you fancy writing a gamebook, take a look at their website  read about them and read their faqs.  


  1. Wow, these sound so fascinating! I wish they had games like this for Kindle Fire. :o/


    (Fellow A-Z Blogger)

  2. I downloaded choice of romance this morning. I played it 3 times and I found it fairly nice. It has some good idea's, like the Stats not really being stats but more like a score, and the whole "young nobleman in a court" thingy. It seems to be pretty linear tough, and it seems to be more focused on playing a female.

  3. Ooh, delighted I found this! I've dabbled with this sort of thing before but I didn't know about Choice of Games. Must check it out!

    Simon Kewin - Spellmaking

  4. I had to look up what a gamebook was. Turned out I was quite familiar with them, just not in this context. I've read and even written a few CYOA (Choose your own adventure) stories. Wish I had time to look into this.