Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April A to Z - D is for discussion forums part 2 - Gazguz from

We have a lot of Project Aon board members.  Here's Gazguz.

What was the first gamebook you read (that wasn't your own)?

Fighting Fantasy book 1 Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

What is your favourite gamebook?

Shadow on the Sand because you were almost a Kai Master and had most of the Kai disciplines and were quite powerful

What gamebooks/interactive fiction would you recommend to a newcomer to the genre?

Lone Wolf mainly because I find the world created for it to be interesting and to have more depth than some other gamebooks, plus the combat system is fairly straight forward and I like the ongoing quest aspect where you can collect items for later use.

Summarise what a gamebook is to a newcomer in 100 characters or fewer.

It is a chance to take control of a story yourself where your choices effect the result. It can be reread multiple times with different outcomes depending on the different choices you make. It is an interactive story like a computer game compared to a movie, though the graphics are in your head.

Why are gamebooks great compared to games or books?

Novels are static passive affairs where the writer has total control. Games test abilities in skill and logic. Gamebooks... as the name implies combines both.

What is your favourite forum/group/online community for gamebooks?

What has the internet community brought to gamebooks?

A chance to chat to people with a shared interest. Playing individual game books is a solitary process unlike something like Dungeons and Dragons

What’s the best thing that has happened due to being in a forum?

Access to legal digital copies of books I already own and some I don't plus software to allow me to carry all the books around with me and play/read when I want.

Do you have any websites/blogs/Twitter feeds?


What do you think the future of gamebooks is? 

Probably electronic format, and the possibility to expand into computer games along the lines of the what Elder Scrolls has developed into...

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