Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gamebook forums to enjoy

You can find forums were like minded people gather to discuss literally anything and gamebooks are no exception.  So if you want to chow down on all things gamebook and read new gamebooks by talented amateurs, here's a list of forums and message boards you can get involved in.  There are also several Yahoo Groups which I will be covering in another post.  I go under the username slloyd14, the letters being based on my name and the 14 being the number I needed to add for some internet account I had years ago (possibly for an orange phone so I could text from online?  Do people even do that nowadays?)

The Unofficial Fighting Fantasy forum

A very active and friendly forum involving many big names in the world of gamebooks including Paul Mason (Paltogue Panurge), Joanthan Green (Stormslayer), Andrew Wright (Greyarea13) and Alexander Ballingall (Gallicus).

The ffproject guestbook

A place to discuss the amateur books produced on the website and pick up other gamebook news.  It was through the guestbook that I first heard of the Windhammer competition. forum

A place to discuss the gamebooks on Fighting

The Destiny Quest forum

Frost Giant causing you issues?  What's the best profession for the rogue class?  What do the bookmarks look like?  Destiny Quest news and play tips all here.

The Project Aon forum

Love Lone Wolf?  Then get on down here to tell the web about it.

Trollgod's Trollhalla

A message board where you can be updated on all things Tunnels and Trolls and a few things that aren't.

Vin's TnT Trollbridge

More Tunnels and Trolls talk.

The Adventure Cow forum

A place to discuss the Adventure Cow gamebooks and get involved with Christopher Liu's game making class.

The My Adventure Games forum

I was introduced to this brilliant website by Ashton Saylor and I'm glad that I was.  The forum is a place to discuss the adventures and how to code them.

The Arion Games Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2 forum

Want house rules and discussion on the new Advanced Fighting Fantasy?  Come here!

The Fabled Lands RPG fourm

A place to find house rules and ideas for the Fabled Lands RPG.

Next week, I will list the gamebook related Yahoo!  groups that I have come across and whether they are worth joining.

Happy gamebooking!


  1. Hi Stuart, chuffed as I am to be equated with him, I (Paltogue) am not Paul Mason! I think he goes by 'Panurge'.

  2. Looks good Stuart, I will definitely be looking into some of them!