Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adventurer Character sheets

So I hope you've all looked at The Adventurer rulebook because I'll be posting some little expeditions that
you can set out on.

The good thing about Adventurer is that it makes it easy to write a gamebook that can cater for all levels and adventuring styles, so I have made a character that you might want to try out in the dungeons and other adventures that you will come across.  I have created a dwarf warrior type (like with most game systems, warriors are the simplest class to start off with) at levels 1, 5, 9 and 13 so that you can enjoy each adventure in four different ways.

There will be a couple of things you will be able try with these heroes in upcoming posts, so keep your eyes peeled...

Here are the links:

Level 1 Warrior.

Level 5 Warrior.

Level 9 Warrior.

Level 13 Warrior.


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  1. Nifty! I downloaded Adventurer - good stuff, Stuart!

    Charlie @ The Semi-Retired Gamer

  2. Nifty. I actually read The Adventurer rules a couple of days ago and was brainstorming some ideas for adventure modules. The idea that captured my attention the strongest, though, is entirely lacking in combat, and would require the player to play as a very specific race, so I'm not certain if Adventurer is the best fit, rules-wise.

  3. Adventurer seems to get better and better! I might just try to play around with it a bit and write a module for it. You don't mind amateurs writing Adventurer-modules right Stuart? I'm really bad at writing gamebooks, so I'm not going to publish it anyway.