Saturday, April 13, 2013

April A to Z - L is for Lovely new apps from Micabyte

Micabyte is a company that has produced some excellent games for the the Android platform.  It also has an
excellent blog, where the man behind Micabyte, Michael Akinde talks about his games' design and the reasoning behind his games systems.

Michael has currently released two games so far - Pirates and Traders and A Brief History of Rome.  I have played Pirates and Traders a lot and I enjoy it immensely as I get to raid various ships, get loads of treasure and sell it off.  As the game progresses you can do bigger things such as take on treasure ships packed full of loot but armed to the teeth.  If you want something bigger to do, you could even attack a city.

Now, Michael has teamed up with Ashton Saylor to produce Dwarf King, a strategy game based on Ashton's Windhammer entry, Peledgathol:  The Last Fortress.

So there are great things abound for Micabyte.  Give its games a go , keep an eye of Dwarf King and watch Micabyte's blog for more news.


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  1. Thanks for the nod, Stuart :) Dwarf King is going to be awesome!