Saturday, April 27, 2013

April A to Z - X is for eXtra stuff that I follow

Good day to you all, lovers of all things gamebook.  Today, I'm going to list a few of the many blogs and other sites that I enjoy reading either as they inspire and inform me about gamebooks or because I just like them.  For a more comprehensive list, you can read mu upcoming Y post or go to Deminan's links page.  So here they are:

Adventures and Shopping:  This is run by Billiam Babble, who I interviewed last year and he does a great job of telling us all about the latest great deals in RPG related goods.  He also has his own store pages so check them out.

Ashton Saylor:  This is the blog of writer, game designer and three times merit award winner for Windhammer, the awesome Ashton Saylor.  We are working together on Goblin's Bounty at the moment and Ashton has several other irons in the fire, such as his new site, Black Hat Writing, so check it out.

Fabled Lands:  The blog of gamebook writers Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson who came up with the fabulous Fabled Lands series amongst many other gamebooks and other books between them.  They are still doing lots of great gamebook related stuff, so check out their site.

From the Shadows:  I'm a big fan of UFO encounter stories and conspiracy theories, so I enjoy reading this site which chronicles many weird encounters.  Have a look.  There's more to aliens than little grey men from Zeta Reticuli, that's for sure.

Heroes Against Darkness:  This is a blog for the eponymous RPG which I have found to be very elegant, simple and extremely well put together.  It is out in physical and PDF form, so take a look.

Jonathan Green, Author:  Here is the blog of the fabulous writer, Jonathan Green, who has written several gamebooks.  His blog is updated daily, so check it out.

Trollish Delver: This is a great geek blog by Scott Malthouse which, amongst gamebooks and Tunnels and Trolls, also covers films, comics and just about anythiing you can think of.  A must for your dose of geek.

Mark Rosewater:  Mark Rosewater (or MaRo) is the head designer at Magic the Gathering, and he is so good that I still rad his column, even though I no longer play Magic the Gathering.  One of my favourite all time articles of his (I'll only mention one here because I could write a massive post on just him) is his article on how to become more creative.

Arion Games forum:  Somewhere I like to hang out.

Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forum:  Another place I like to hang out.

Trollhalla:  Another place I like to hang out.

So there we go.  Are there any sites you guys like?

Happy gamebooking!

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  1. Hi! Came across you from A to Z Challenge. Good way to shout out about sites that are near and dear to you. Writer’s Mark