Sunday, April 27, 2014

Posts that I will revisit and update

Hello all.  Today we revisit 10 posts (or series of posts) that I will revisit and update in the future based on
my new experience.

How to write a gamebook.  This is the biggie.  Now that I have written more gamebooks, I need to review what I write a while ago and rewrite the posts to be more succinct and up to date.

Dice in gamebooks.  I need to update this to make sure I include all instances of dice in gamebooks, including using more than 2 dice, calculating probabilities and random elements in apps.

Good choices and bad choices, but no dead choices.  I need to analyse some choices offered in gamebooks and work out whether they are good (from the perspective of design rather than for the reader) for the book.

Future projects.  I still haven't done everything on the list.  I need to cover these things.

What microadventures taught me (updated with what macroadventures taught me).  Awakening of Asuria has more paragraphs than I have ever written.  I will write about what it has taught me.

My system as far as I can take it. I know it is a recent post, but I will revisit my system when I have written a gamebook with it.

Paradigm shifts (here and here).  Change is the only constant, and I will talk about how my paradigms have shifted.

Gamebook terminology.  I haven't made any progress with this.  Maybe, when the time is right, it is something we can work on.

GameBOOKS vs GAMEbooks (part 1 and part 2).  A topic that can cover way more than just 2 posts.

Gamebooks for dummies.  I need to revisit this in an attempt to get more people to read and write gamebooks.

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